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Regeneration is an incentive by Virgin Mobile Canada, that provides less fortunate youth with the training they need to find—and keep—jobs.

Regeneration Hero

My team focused on the website experience. We were tasked to revamp the Regeneration landing page and rethink the program’s presence across the website.

The existing landing page had a few problems. High bounce rate, very little interaction and worst of all, it generated almost no donations. An Analytics Audit and a Heuristic Evaluation helped identify what was causing these problems: too much text, no visual hierarchy, buried call to actions and unclear messaging. 

Our solution was to start over with Sketches and Wireframes. We wanted the page to tell a story that would help users understand what Regeneration was. In addition we wanted to weave in rich content and visuals that would really forge a connection with users. Lastly we made sure that the page was up to par with Usability Best Practices. That meant prominent call to actions, a clear visual hierarchy and a simple tone of voice that wouldn’t confuse users. 

Once we had the first Wireframes, we threw them into an Interactive Prototype and conducted Usability Tests. Users were still having a hard time understanding what Regeneration was and what their donation was going towards. With this and a few other minor tweaks in mind, we went back to the drawing board and designed a new iteration of Wireframes that solved these problems.


Visual Design.

Aesthetically the page needed to be consistent with the website’s UI, while including branding elements from Regeneration. We accomplished this through color, imagery and subtle nods to the logo like the rips at the bottom of each section.


The results?

The new page generated a significant increase in interaction, when comparing with the previous version.

More awareness was created for this awesome incentive and more people are helping out everyday to solve a major issue that affects the whole world.

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