Natural Language Forms

Forms are one of the most common yet tedious tasks that users come across on websites. They often make the difference between a visitor who converts or seeks business elsewhere. But what if there were a way to simplify the process? As easy as filling in the blanks…

The Natural Language Form—also known as the Mad Lib Style Form—is a different approach to the traditional web form. It consists in taking a sentence and leaving a few blanks (form fields) where users can input their info.

Looks basic, right? What’s cool about this UI pattern is that it speaks in the user’s language, reflecting internal dialogue.

Another plus is that the short sentences are much less intimidating than seeing a never-ending list of form fields. With this style, users feel like the process is simple and want to interact with the form because it’s unorthodox.

In terms of conversion, this designer affirms that Natural Language Forms convert as much as 40% more than traditional web forms.

When to use Natural Language Forms?

It’s obvious that this form style isn’t adequate for every project, particularly websites that require a lot of inputs. However, in situations like contact forms, search/filter functionality or providing quotes, it’s a great option.

If you’re looking to include a Natural Language Form in your next project, here are few awesome examples to inspire your designs: