Impact Challenge

The Blue BBVA Impact Challenge brings together young minds to solve problems through innovation and disruption. 

To promote this event, BBVA Blue asked our team to create a responsive website that could present the key event information and encourage participation.

We approached our designs mobile first—a must given the young demographic that relies on mobile devices to get online.

We started off by mapping out the User Journey. We identified the different touchpoints of participation and how the website would adapt throughout the challenge. 

Based on the journey we designed the Information Architecture. We kept it extremely simple, sticking to a Who, What, When, Where and Why structure.

With the Information Architecture defined, we moved on to Wireframes. We started by tackling the sign up formone of the most important parts of the microsite. It needed to collect all the necessary information, without overwhelming participants. 

After conducting a few Usability Tests, we opted to divide the form into separate steps to make the sign up process feel quick and painless. 

From a visual standpoint, the website needed to have the professional aesthetic of a bank, while appealing to a younger demographic. 

This was accomplished through a minimal design that we then contrasted with bold fonts, bright colors and eye-catching imagery. 

We also made sure to keep the layouts as modular as possible, so that the site could quickly adapt to the different stages of the challenge. Blocks of content could easily be swapped out, without having to redesign everything.

The final product delivered on the BBVA's objectives. The number of signups exceeded expectations and the site was used again in later editions of the challenge.