Best Google Fonts for
Web Design

When creating a website, you might be overwhelmed by the wide variety of fonts out there. Don’t be. Most of the time you want one that’s free, looks awesome and isn’t a hassle to implement. Here are 5 Google Web Fonts that offer all of the above.

A sleek sans serif font that’s great for titles. If you’re trying to convey simple, modern and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with Lato.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this serif font is elegant and refined. It pairs nicely with bold sans serif fonts like Open Sans and its legibility makes it a great choice for body text.

You might recognize this font from the Android operating system or the famous Google Material Design Guidelines. In addition to being backed by Google, some of the major perks are the huge selection of font weights and the fact that Roboto is available in 3 different styles: sans serif, slab and condensed.

Open Sans
The best word to describe this font is versatility. Whether it’s a big bulky title, or a long paragraph, Open Sans always leaves your designs looking crisp. I’m a big fan of the Extra Bold weight, which is great for making a statement.

Not the most well-known typeface, but another awesome all-around font that’s available in 5 different weights.