UX at the heart of Digital Transformation

With more and more people turning to online banking, BBVA—one of the major banks in Spain—needed to assure that customers would receive the same great services online, as they normally would at a branch.

Our goal at Tribal Worldwide was to transform BBVA’s offline services into radically useful online services that customers could easily adapt to.

Driving business online through UX.

To make this transformation possible, we needed to think beyond appealing visual designs. Which is why we set out to get an in-depth understanding of the customers and the products through an in-depth research phase.

With the insights uncovered, we created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes that we were able to test, optimize and then implement.

Creating meaningful, user-friendly designs was key, but we never lost sight of the core objective: generating business for BBVA.

That’s why—when it made sense— we included components that incited users to sign-up, receive a quote for a loan, or complete other conversion goals.